"The Cowboy Lives Forever" lyrics - DIXIE CHICKS

"The Cowboy Lives Forever"

The cowboy lives forever
As long as there's a faded pair of blue jeans
Wide brimmed hats and leather
And dreams...

There's a little bit of Roy and Dale in all of us
Though all of us don't wear the cowboy boots and spurs
A man will dream of rescuing a damsel in distress
And the girl likes to dream that it's her

He was born from the dust of the western plain
Raised up tall and straight like a cactus tree
His home range stretches from Hawaii to Maine
He's John Wayne, he's Gene Autry, he's me

You can find a cowgirl at the rodeo
She'll shuffle to the two-step like the cowboys do
She might be wearing petticoats or maybe boots and chaps
She's Patsy Cline, Loretta, Kitty Wells or Emmylou or maybe you