"Brand New (Prelude)" lyrics - EARL SWEATSHIRT

"Brand New (Prelude)"

I'll fuck you up, bitch

Uh, yeah, this is stadium rap
Hotter than the last name on my alias Jack Rip
Bad bitch flip our gymnasiums back
Track itch shit's dope, y'all should slang it in sacks
Shit's sellin for ten, harder than elephant skin
Benevolent grin, I stay gold, you settle for tin
Wolf Gang, wolf pack, packin' weapons in tens
So take a wild guess as to why they lettin' us in
Please, Earl lettin' the competitor win
Is the equivalent of steppin' with stilettos in gyms
It's not happenin', so while I'm standin' checkin' your chin
Know the flow takes the "h" out of "shins," fin