"Wattstax" lyrics - EARL SWEATSHIRT


[Verse: Earl Sweatshirt]
Yea I'm your new fetish
Rip through cyphers like rabbits chew lettuce
Young black fresh: Hugh Hef, you said it
Grinding with your girl while you're posted, two steppin' (you said it)
Pen in my right, mic in my left fist
Flow got more bang than two weapons
Undetected I'm the best: no question, who said it?
Couldn't find your style with two fuckin' detectives
Straight to the top please no Prerequi-sites
I'm the shit's that's on ya face like zits
Cocky bastard, disappear when the 3/8 hits
Back and forth pacing, got no patience
Pulse racin' I'm amazin' as grace is, fuck Satan (uhh)
Leave this pussy ass with his face caved in
Face it, this adolescent's presence leaves messes keep stepping
Rep niggas with no rep, ho's separate
Niggas with no breath
Ain't no real kin of me
I'm clever, my endeavor sever several wannabes
I'm chilly, got the girls giddy, my flow silly
Roll with me and your crew ain't nothing but four 50's (Ouch!)
Hadn't noticed, that's a mid-200
Me and my crew, both of them, powered in two tundras
Open up your eyes, witness the boy wonder (open em up!)
Fire flow comparable to two summers
Strike like lightning and I don't need thunder