"Stone's Throw" lyrics - EARL SWEATSHIRT

"Stone's Throw"

Hold up, hey now, the beast in me
Is no longer sleeping, it wants to eat emcees
So I let him free, let him feed peacefully
Until he cease, now the beast must drop feces
But I never let it free fall, I catched it and spit it
I kick shit that blows whole districts into tidbits
With pen in fist I take tallies, of these scrimmages
Can't call a game, my flavor wicked as witches is
The kid spits fuego sicker than syphilis
So sisters and brothers grab a shovel and start digging this
Matter fact, grab a Nikon and picture this
An icon with no assistance and no assist in this
Reminiscing to number one plus twenty-three
My days are sunny, prestige sweeter than honey bees
Waters are muddy, I'm coming, running from nothing B
Now I'm fucking muffin, motherfuckers ain't touching me