"Rick James" lyrics - EARL SWEATSHIRT

"Rick James"

Go figure the oh So ignorant slow liver
Make him don't sleep like nodoz sniffers and coke dingers
Pro sinner I'm sick with felonies as wacky
With more inner conflict than Helga G. Pataki
Hoe getter, dime chicks to Tel Aviv and back
He's a dope spitter y'all could be selling me to crack fiends
Keep it moving like a track meet wack freak see me creeping to 'em in a taxi
The legendary king shoop on juice the Don Boos from the heavy bling to the Croc shoes
You thought I never think to rob you, you slob dude thanks for everything, To Wong Foo
I'm Julie Newmar then fooling you all and looting New York to putting jewels on super Uhaul
And Scooby doo called to ask if he could take the case, raid the place and try to eat a snack when I break your face
Cool like a switch-blade, esnay the itchshay dude typing inkay bitch made since fifth grade
Michael spits game bitch take a sick day I been to house parties but you'll never see this kid play
I'm Rick James. aha