"Candlestick Park" lyrics - GOODBYE MR. MACKENZIE

"Candlestick Park"
(D. Kelly / Martin Metcalfe)

Wrapped up in paper and words
This girl is on show
Say doctors what a specimen
Say girlfriends what a mess
She's on show
And father's eyes bulge
And faces screw up
Shes on show
And candles all burn
Licking the inches on show

Candlestick Park
Just one page away
The strong boys attack
It's a nation's virility
So that dad can say
Mother we won
And we lost today
This one's as hot one
And she's on show
Not a girl
She's a happening
A prospect for gain
She's on show
And money is sent to her parents
So we all can know
The story behind the media queen
She's on show

Goodbye little cover girl
For there will be another girl