(D. Kelly / Martin Metcalfe)

I was sitting on the railroad
For the train to Gungedai
Looking at the clouds
And wishing I could fly
I was standing in the run
Of a fairytale career going out of my mind
By the end of the year
They gave us dust
We didn't understand
Their money
They stood by
And watched our bubble burst
They forget
It's dust to dust

Four and twenty diggers
Kneeling by a grave
Looking at the fate
Of those who misbehave
Woe betide the money man
Hands upon his purse
When things are looking better
They will only turn out worse
Take your sifting pan to the riverside
Wait for money, fame and would be brides
And when you're standing there
In your underwear
Just hanging around
You'll know
They gave us dust

Over the railroad track
There's a mob who wants to hang you
If you don't stop running
They'll soon be behind you