"His Master's Voice" lyrics - GOODBYE MR. MACKENZIE

"His Master's Voice"

You will drink till you drop
Or are demanded to stop
And say
What a laugh
I drank seventeen gins
Smashed a window in
And nearly drowned in the bath
You will fall over chairs
And talk current affairs
You will make not an ounce of sense
You will say who is first
And be left with the worst
And be lucky to get away

Raise up your eyes and smile
It's your masters voice
You are earthbound for a while
It's your masters voice

You will drag your weight
Amongst the garbage cans
Learn your lessons
And follow your nose
Live your life on a leash
Watch your problems increase
And that is the way that it goes
There are paths you will take
There is no escape
You haven's got any choice
From the low to the high
Till the day that you die
You will obey your masters voice

Time goes by
It goes by
It's your masters voice