"Face To Face" lyrics - GOODBYE MR. MACKENZIE

"Face To Face"

Raped three times, raped three times
By the boys from the pub
With their daytime jobs
You know they need to unwind
Mother always said be a good girl
Don't push your luck
Don't get to low cut
But it's a pushy world
So if you've got it
Flaunt it
Because the cameras and bright lights
They all want it

In silence she sits
With the scars on her wrists
Shes never alone
Those laughing eyes
Make her clench her fists
For the blood and the s****
Still run down her leg
Like it did that night
And the sick on the pavement
Is still in her hair
Her mind is scarred and her body torn
Her life is fear and very soon
A scab is born
They acquitted the case
Congratulations all around
And the judge and the barman say
If it happened then she must have been
Asking for it
She was asking for it
Said she must have been asking for it