"Good Booze And Bad Women" lyrics - HUMBLE PIE

"Good Booze And Bad Women"

Straight on up, you know I'm gonna do it right
I wanna stroke ya, choke ya, whisk you up and roll all night
I'm a weekend dreamer, don't hesitate and that's fun
To do it to the man with me, never need to worry.

Yes I'm a weekend dreamer, got 24 hours to get rich, get rich
I'm having shorties with the roadies while the group is knocked out with turn tails
Tonight I'm a rambler, see I'm a Ted, that's right
Do it to the man with me, never fails to work, never fails to work.

I'm gonna swing my hat and Sunday look around for girls
To get myself together, have to face that Monday morning's work, alright
I'm a weekend dreamer on the way to work feel real bad
Do it to the man with me never fails to
No not to be till Monday need ya, never failing
You do to the man, baby, never fails to work.