"Shut Up And Don't Interrupt Me" lyrics - HUMBLE PIE

"Shut Up And Don't Interrupt Me"

Shut up, don't say that you love me
I'm tryin' to tell you girl how much I love you
Ah ah oh.

On you keep sayin' that you don't care a ruin
Now you're trying to tell me what I'm doing.

Shut up (Shut up) oh don't fib around please
Get off my back.

Shut up (Shut up) Yeah don't fib around please
All I'm trying to tell you, honey, is how much I love you.

Yeah how I'm supposed to get a single word out
When you just sit there running your mouth.

Shut up (Shut up) Don't fib around please, alright.

Shut up (Shut up) Well I wanna blow my part, honey
(You make me sick) Get drowned.

Shut up
Oh shut up
I said shut up.