"Is It For Love?" lyrics - HUMBLE PIE

"Is It For Love?"

My baby's far away, yeah, it's time
It's time and tide that makes you put the squeeze on me
A thorn, a rose, alas, there's someone mockin' me behind my back
Ooh is it the love girl? Or the lack of it?

Some, someone, someone that's warm
Again you don't want or need him
Something that you need and it's not wrong you need him
Not so long ago, yeah you're going out of your head, out of your head
They told me you got lonely, your babe went cold on you.

Yeah, yes it's hard, so hard to feel the same again, yeah
Hard, I still remember, yeah yeah
You said it was different girl, you're still the same
It was just the same, the same, the same.

Something just hit me, yeah
I never knew, oh I never knew you said
It's kinda cold truth inside of me
Now I'm just existing dead
Now I'm dead, I need to be assisted by you
I need to be assisted by a woman
Don't be hard instead, try to be warm to me, baby, try to be warm
It's hard, so hard to feel the same again
Oh I still remember, I remember well
I remember, I remember yeah
It was you gave me the feeling
Now I love you more, yeah
And there ain't nothing, there ain't nothing to make me ashamed
Because love is the law and the will
I love you still.