"Say No More" lyrics - HUMBLE PIE

"Say No More"

Well it felt so sad to be where I didn't need to be
Now I feel so good to know how you still care for me
When it's alright in front of you, it's so hard to see
But there was a wall about you though it took me awhile just to suss it out
And what I laid down at my shout didn't help me none
'Cause you held my soul in your hands
It sifted through your fingers like fine silver sand
Well I don't need a swimming pool
I don't need hammocks on the wall
I just want you, babe, and that's all,
I'll say no more.

I laid all my cards on the table
I can give you what you need, now I'm able to
Now I tell you how I feel, I hope you come through
'Cause if you're the sea then I'm your rock
And if I'm a key then you're my lock
Well if you're a foot then I'm your sock, so wear me well
Oh go away all alone
Don't leave me here, babe, with just this one-way telephone
Without you I ain't no big shot
Even now looks like I hit the jackpot
I just need you, babe, that's my long shot
I can sing no more.