"Heretics & Privateers" lyrics - JOHN KAY

"Heretics & Privateers"

Work and worry's all she's known
Lived by the golden rule since the day she was born
Through all these troubled years
She raised her family, there was no time for tears
She's done her best, the kids are grown
She prayed each day for a life of her own
Last night she disappeared
She's joined another tribe, the heretics and privateers

He's walked this treadmill since '64
Now he shows a little gray and they show him the door
God bless the company
For two weeks severance pay and all that sympathy
All he believed and all he learned
What made him proud and what he thought he had earned
Have now become his fears
He'll join the other side, the heretics and privateers

He's twenty one, she's just nineteen
Ah, but they've learned a lot from what they've seen
They know that blind obedience to the rules
Can leave you shattered, licking your wounds

He holds her close, looks at her face, he says
"Chasing the carrot is a never ending race
Success at any price, demands it's sacrifice
And some part of us will die"
She say's "One size does not fit all
And stepping on others won't make us stand tall
Let's find the last frontier
And live another way, like heretics and privateers
Let's make our own frontier
And raise our children there, like heretics and privateers."