"The Ice Age" lyrics - JOHN KAY

"The Ice Age"

Beware the deadly wind howlin' at your door
Feel the freezin' chill, creep into your bones
Stay warm, stay warm, you're heart could die of cold

The ice age is upon us, frozen smiles and frozen stares
These days are short on mercy, bitter tears flow everywhere
The heart is growing harder till it just no longer cares

The orphans down below, reach up and call your name
But you quickly turn away and leave them standing in the rain
Take heed, take heed, you may reap just what your sow
They won't hear you scream for mercy
If they catch you down on the killing floor

Someday you'll wake up in a cold sweat
And lie there shivering in your bed
Your heartless demons, they will come to claim their toll
And they'll stay with you till the end, when you go down in your box of bones

So be careful of the wind seeping 'neath your door
Beware the deadly chill, it'll creep into your bones
Stay warm, stay warm, your soul could die of cold