"Sleep With One Eye Open" lyrics - JOHN KAY

"Sleep With One Eye Open"

Watch out behind you, down the alley
You hear my foot steps closing in?
Look all around, there ain't nobody
No sign of life, to save your skin
Now you might make it to your door step
But I'll still get you in the end

Lock all the doors, lock all your windows
Bring home your children from the park
I'm in the shadows waiting for you
Yes can't you hear your bull dog bark?
I'm what you fear most in your nightmares
When you lie shakin' in the dark

Sleep with one eye open
And one hand on the gun
In dreams I'm right behind you
As you run and run and run

I am your misbegotten seed
Growing wild outside your gate
I strike at everything you love
With blinding and jealous rage
I'm the unspoken that you hide from
I'm what your children may become

I kill without reason
Without pity or regret
I'll leave you holding nothing
But crushing emptiness
And your walls, they won't hide you
From the haunting and the dread
And your god, he won't find you
As you pray and pray to see me dead

Yeah I might die tomorrow
Might catch a bullet in the brain
You may strap me to the deathbed
And stick the needle in my vein
But by the time you dig my grave
A hundred more will take my place