"I Will Not Be Denied" lyrics - JOHN KAY

"I Will Not Be Denied"

I was raised to be a fighter, I've been sluggin' all my life
Got a job, a house, a mortgage, two kids but just one wife
But I've been behind on points ever since the second round
The market keeps on goin' up while I keep slippin' down
I'm all punched out from work and family
I need a break, stand back and fan me
My corner says we just can't win
The fight is rigged, the fix is in

Ain't no rest for the weary, no mercy for the just plain ordinary people
Nobody we can trust, no reason to believe and no relief in sight
Ain't no justice in the world, still I will not be denied

Just one is one too many and a thousand ain't enough
I'm addicted to consumption, I keep jonesing for the stuff
Still there must be more than this, to fill this gaping hole
Or does the road to glory really dead end at the mall?
Father please hear my confession
I am a slave to my possessions
I toil in vain from dawn till dark
I owe my soul to mastercard

Standing at the news stand by the sex and cigarettes
I noticed in the head lines, much to my regret
Sweeping allegations as to who's been in kahootz
And twelve investigations into who took all the loot
There are snipers and assassins who claim they just report
And philistines and vandals at the court of last resort
There are pious politicians who would save us from our sin
Why do I get the feeling we'd get sodomized again?