"Believe It" lyrics - KRS-ONE

"Believe It"

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Word
All my people in Boston make some noise
Whew! Inebriated Beats. You got to Believe

[Hook 6x:]
Believe it

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Look, Look
All my rap is street related
How can you spit and not have it hit the pavement?
These beats we created be inebriated
Meaning intoxicating, believe we made it
Now we can see they faded
Them hoes done went from me so horny to me so hated
From Hip Hop, we never deviated
Come to the Temple, hear the flow and you can see me state it
That Knowledge Reign Supreme
I be on the same streets, with them same hustlers and fiends
But Hip Hop, do you know what it means?
It means victory over the streets, check the last Beat Street scene
I leak knowledge, inner-standing, wisdom
KRS the type that get you outta the prison
Elite knowledge, inner-standing, wisdom
KRS the type that get you outta the prison, Believe


Yo, Yo, Believe it
I only come to help you achieve it
You could believe what you want, you can take it or leave it
Slow it up or speed it, but never mind if you don't need it
But I still gotta teach it, I still gotta speak it
There's more to the streets than guns and stuff
To all my fathers, you know one sons enough
But if you have two or three
You know they get -gasm what they see on the t.v
You gotta believe me
We gotta rise up
All my daughters I beg, close your legs and kind of like open your minds up
Before your times up, and you find what?
You was just another stepping stone for him to climb up
I'm what? A player? No
A ho? No. An average rhyme-sayer? No
A neighbor? Yes. A friend of the Savior? Yes
I can honestly say I'm blessed


Yo, its a Hip Hop intellectual heavyweight
That leaves 'em in a truly inebriated state
If you thinking about leaving, you better wait
We only talking about freedom and showing love instead of hate
But no, you don't think it's real
Until you're shackled 'round your wrists and your ankles and your heels
You could brag if you feel
But don't forget to mention the twenty to life is part of the deal
When the DEA flash that shield
The bigger they are as stars
Huh... the harder they squeal
And usually your name comes out
Leading to that knock on the door, and you being led out
That's when my lyrics matter
All them guns and bitches and hoes, you don't wanna hear them rappers
That's when you wanna hear pastors
But if you listen now, you can like avoid them disasters
Turn your life over to God today
Not a little bit, Yo, go all the way
I said, turn your life over to God today
Not a little bit, Yo, go all the way Yo


[Krs-One talking through Hook:]
It's live like that ya'll
It's live just like that
Big up! Terry Andrell
Word up! D.J. Tine E. Tim
Whew! G. Simone, you know you're not alone
G. Simone, uh, uh
Mickey Mic, Yo what up Mickey?
Uh, Yo, Yeah