"Womenology" lyrics - KRS-ONE


[Chorus 2x:]
If you want a woman to treat you right
[KRS talking through Chorus:]
That's right, that's right
I think y'all need to listen to this, stop what'cha doin'

Women will treat you right
But you can't be one of them lookin' a freak you lookin' a beat you type
You gotta seek the light in the dark
I used to free this mic in the park
Now I speak direct to your heart
Women want men to show respect for they art
Women don't be checkin' for the chart
They go straight to sister to sister and pick it apart
Begin with the heart, our sisters is a living art
Always givin', always deliverin, always making something bigger from just a little part
Big up to the sisters that start up businesses
With nothing but muffins, still liftin kids
Strong women, work long women
Not them dump-ass dizzy stupid thong women
King-Kong women, bring it all women, independent women with thoughts and opinions
Women like G.Simone, See, I maybe the Pharaoh
But believe she is the crown Let me leave it alone
'Cause a lot of ya still wanna rome, they got houses but still want home
Sittin' on chrome but forever alone
'Cause intelligent courageous women they were never shown
They say they don't love them hoes
But Jesus allowed hoes to wash in all his toes
I don't mean to impose, but if you want a woman to treat you right
I don't think you need to start with the clothes
I think you need to start with what she knows

That's what you got to know from the start
What's in the heart and the mind
Without that you startin out blind
You're going into a direction of what a trap behind
It's like you sittin' in a cell with the doors opened
And you decide to sit and do the time
Free your mind, don't pattern your life after some freestyle rhyme
See me, I'm...