"Ova Here" lyrics - KRS-ONE

"Ova Here"

[KRS-One: speaking live]
First of all, I don't know who y'all saw on this stage before me, aight?
I don't know who y'all gonna see on this stage after me, true?
But this is REAL HIP HOP! Worrrrrd UP!
I'm gonna find out tonight, where the real hip-hop

[Hook + (live response):]
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)

Blaow Blaow! Blaow Blaow! Clear 'em out clear 'em out! Word!

Yo Nelly! You ain't Fo'Reel and you ain't Universal
Your whole style sounds like a N'Sync commercial
I'm the baddest
With the mic apparatus
Challengin' the God of rap is madness
I'll snatch your status
With this ugly lookin' billboard you could stop them
But I got enough albums to make my own top ten
You limited, like the spread of traffic
You bite my style off the radio so when you speak you bet I hear the static
You better chill out like Chuck, I kick like three Norrises
One of my sixteen bar rhymes is eight of your choruses
Of course it is ridiculous
Watch out, I be in the club inconspicuous
Gotcha on your hands and knees!
Ain't it about time for some real MCs?

[Hook + (live response):]
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!)

(Uh!) Uh! We on the hunt tonight
When you see me comin', I don't front - I fight
People say I'm contradictin, 'cause I'm all about peace
To say the least
With a violent history
It ain't no mystery
These rappers wanna get with me
My people don't see that; all they hear is: "Stop hittin' me!
Stop beatin' me KRS!"
You want to help my career, Nelly? Well, you can help if you don't exist!
I think it's 'bout time we stop these pop-rappers
Fuck these pop-rappers!
Hip-hop DOES matter to me!
Does it matter to you,
My crew?
If it does, you know what the hell to do:
Throw your guns in the air!
Pump it like, "yeah!"
Let these bitch ass rappers know we in here!
Go to the shows huh, boo 'em off stage
Tell 'em KRS told you they at the end of they days!
Let me tell you: let's give hip-hop a lift,
And don't buy Nelly's album on June 25th
That'll send a message to all them sellouts
House nigga rapper, your bottom done fell out
You don't even know how!
I told you: I wasn't talkin' about you then, but I'm talkin' about you now!
Blaow! one to the knees! Blaow! one goes right through!
Even St. Louis don't like you!