"Things Is About To Change" lyrics - KRS-ONE

"Things Is About To Change"

Word... we stand out, word
We don't wanna sound like that bullshit

Let 'em all be aware, not at all will I care
You gotta know it's about the flow when you comin' in here
Not how long is your hair, but how long were you here
How many dues you paid, crews you slayed, yeah
How many clubs you done rocked, f'real
You ever rocked outside with cats poppin' they steel?
You fake like Ma-Ma-Ma-Max Headroom
You go from the bedroom to the studio back to the bedroom
We be on the front line, pavin the way
For you to do what you do, get what you get, say what you say
Flip what you flip, play what you play at the Grammy's
But you don't represent our family, you a thief!

[Chorus: KRS-One]
All up and down the East coast
Things is about to change
All up and down the West coast, down in the South
Things is about to change
All up top and in North Canada, make some noise
Things is about to change
All my cats in London, Birmingham, Brixton, word!
Things is about to change

Join the campaign to rearrange the rap game
Don't look at me like I'm insane, the facts remain plain
You to blame, when you take it in vein
The gains and struggles and pains of those that already came
From the beginning we tried to attain, the money and fame
That's not new to the game, it's still the same
But what seems to change is the loyalty
Rappers degrade hip-hop for a royalty
It's all about me and my click and we ballin G
But we fallin', stallin our callin to be free
You can't see, they're gonna judge our poetry
In two-thousand and twenty-three, where will your money be?
Where will your Benz be? Your friends be?
Your beginnin be? Your end be? Gently
You tell me to my face my style you envy
But behind my back you condemn me, you a thief!

[Chorus: KRS-One]
All out in Germany, Africa
Things is about to change
Word up, hip-hop, join the nation, movin!
Things is about to change
Word up, all them fake-ass whack rappers, word up!
Things is about to change
Tell 'em, go to they shows and let 'em know it's like this
Things is about to change

For sure, it's the people that defend me
Yeah you on MTV, but did you know Ted Demme?
What about Fab 5 Freddy, Red Alert?
You not ready... ready... ready... [fades]

[Ends with sound of glass shattering]