"Cult Leader" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Cult Leader"

[Verse 1: ILL Bill]
The cult leader, the war-monger, armed with four high-powered
Firearm barometers; I visited Andromeda
The human cloner, the donate to my fam organ donor
The morbid odor of corpses lowered, the coroner
The cult leader, result needer, the skull and bones bleeder
The chrome heater, the soul eater, the tome reader
The cloak and dagger magnum packer;
Convert star systems to active vacuum
The illest shit since Manson had goons
The great communicator; alien tomb raider
Consume data - cut from the same cloth that produced Vader
The cult leader, the ultimate fighting champion
The benificient, the lamb, the messiah, the religion
There's a thousand faces, more than the cross and the Star of David
I'm the combination of God and Satan
The humble shepherd, the son of lepers, the stuff of legends
The cult leader, I've indulged in the most disgusting of pleasures
Likeable and charismatic; my smilin face has been
Enough to make a mother leave her children in a violent place
I turn knees to noodles; I make my female followers
Want me until they pussy's drippin like fruit juice
The pervert, the pathological, the prophet
I'm the second coming, the Anti-Christ, the final conflict
Who got nuclear weapons and a suicidal doctrine?
The cult leader, and I'll never stop until I got you locked in

Cult leader! "And everywhere, his words are greated with enthusiasm."
Cult leader! "His listeners have found a personal revelation in what he has to say."
Cult leader! "You will obey your instincts, and try to dominate others."
I'm the motherfuckin cult leader! "Such power transforms, elevates; even purifies.."

[Verse Two]
The life taker, followers fly planes into skyscrapers
Send you a disease through the mail wrapped inside paper
The gospel preacher, the hostile teacher
The face of God with an impostor's features
This is the prophecy - the cult leader
The people's temple, the holy ground, the war compound
Four-pound to rifles, disciples, the holy idols
Supreme truth, the cult leader with the green tooth
The multi-millionaire with a stare that can freeze troops
I program people to kill
The motiviational speaker, my words 'cause people to feel
It's mind control, let the cult leader guide your soul
Open up your eyes to the lies they told
The general, the chief, I be the political pioneer
The cult leader, you can believe in me, I am here
Bless the children, take you under my wing, shelter
Helter Skelter, this is it, you can't kill me I'll exist forever

Cult leader! "The leader - a champion of the underdog."
Cult leader! "He tried to show the path of truth, to amaze all mankind."
Cult leader! "Scorned.. ridiculed.. and condemned.."
I'm the motherfuckin cult leader! "Words are inadequate..
.. to convey the majesty, of the" - Cult leader!
["The leader" scratched repeatedly] I'm the cult leader!
["The leader" scratched repeatedly] Cult leader!
["The leader" scratched repeatedly] I'm the motherfuckin cult leader!
["The leader" scratched repeatedly]