"Fallen Angelz" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Fallen Angelz"

God can you hear me? I'm talking to you. Answer me. I'm livin'. I'm livin'. Answer me. Yeah. I am living this fucking life I have been given. I don't know what to do. Whatchu want me to do? Talk to us. I'm fucking living, though

[Verse 1: Slaine]
The world don't love me, this world don't budge me
My pops raised me wrong, my girl won't fuck me
My face is so ugly, verse too grimy
I'm dirty, it's like I got a curse to remind me who I am
Damn, I'm a man with a plan
Hustle with the gram in hand, let the heat bust
And the hammers blam, throwing stares and glares
Hanging on a corner and I'm pissing in the stairs
Yeah, nobody cares if you die, only where
The world is too crowded and it's lonely here
I can't sleep in my room, I stare at the sky
Lay awake counting sheep and the moon
I was born in this cold world, deep in the womb
Became violent, nowadays keep a platoon
And I roll with an army, my mommy never could find me
She lost me in the crime with my grimys

[Hook: D Quest]
How could it be that I live this way?
Broken wings so far from grace
I'm a fallen angel
How can it be that I lost my name?
I love the things that bring me pain
I'm insane
It's driving me insane

[Verse Two: Jaysaun]
Dear God, tell me why have you forsaken Jaysaun?
Could it be all the chances that you gave me
I squandered and wasted
Chasing the aroma of success that I tasted
I passed the street's SAT's and I aced it
But the drugs just frantically drove me so close
To the edge of insanity
I thought of putting two in my canopy
I spit on everything that was handed me
And chose to move dope and coke
Guess where that landed me
Engulfed in hell fire and brimstone
Sipping cyanide and kool-aid with Jim Jones
I thought, "Do I really want to be up at Def Jam?"
Being manipulated like a pawn in a cheap game of chess, man
Rather swallow half a handful of some mes tabs
And cook a batch of amphetamines in a meth lab
These are random thoughts from a madman rambling
Whose brain stays scrambled like alphabets from Campbell's


[Verse Three: Edo G]
Yo I wish my pops didn't pass when I was seven years old
If there's life after death, is heaven this cold?
I was told to get the green gold, see what the bean hold
While the cops got my block in a scene patrol
I watched shit unfold, behold a pale horse
Police force endure us force without no remorse
I took a different course, got money from a different source
Lives get lost, it's colder than the night's frost
Paths criss cross and niggas get pissed off
Or get tipped off, it's on at all costs
Get buried full of gators like the Lacoste
Haters get molotoved, hauled off, blown and tossed
Like Hamas, all I see is red sauce
Another hustler who's a dead boss
Yeah, so Edo coming at it from a different angle
It seems to happen when you dealing with them fallen angels