"Society Is Brainwashed" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Society Is Brainwashed"

[Verse 1: ILL Bill]
Every society honors its live conformists and dead troublemakers
I'm the Son of Satan, sculpted the culture of the ancients
Burn me at the stake with my left hand stuck in The Matrix
I'm the apex, I steal science off of spaceships
Blackwater contractors captured off of camcorders
After mass slaughter, violent massacre, Masters of Order
Burning effigies of presidents and American flags
Veterans clash for the chance to sell terror for cash
Babylon destroyed the Beis Hamikdash
Death cults, murder squads
Exploding churches and burning mosques
Throw your dice, now your destiny's cashed
And these seeds of war were planted over centuries past
And the mysteries remain unsolved, colossal pyramids on Mars
Visitors beyond the scriptures of Allah
God is on the side of the ones with money and large armies
Pray for death amongst these brainwashed zombies
Society is brainwashed!

I bet you can't see what I can see
That's right!
Here's a few things we have to address
I bet you can't see what I can see
When I'm in the streets, I always remain cautious
He's good, goddamn

[Verse 2: ILL Bill]
November 5th, 2001, less than two months after 9/11 occurred
The infamous William Cooper was murdered
Ex-Naval Intelligence Officer
Renowned author of 'Behold A Pale Horse'
He paid the cost
I can't say I agree with everything that he wrote
But I admire him for speaking his mind though
Never holding his tongue for nobody, how society is brainwashed
Guns in each others faces for the same lies
Same everything and same nothing
Same bullshit materialism, the Third World man's luxury
This false flag fuckery, an AIDS infested junky
Your Lady of Liberty can't fuck me
Can't touch me, The Black Pope, superior general
Tim Osman riding like a Piru from Inglewood
Bring the hood up to a hovering mothership
They already made the switch to the One World Government


[Verse 3: ILL Bill]
Amongst the Ivory Tower witch doctors, witnessed an explosion
On the Groom Lake landing strip, silicon sorcerers abandoned ship
Famine gripped the planet with the gigantic Satanic fist
Believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda through a sandwich business
I don't advise you to believe, these could be camera tricks
All I'm saying is to ask questions, amateurs
What Hollywood tries to pass off as fantasy
Might already have happened in actuality
And vice versa, if Jesus Christ was a person
Who was Mithra? Who was Krishna?
Who was the first to be baptized, crucified, resurrected?
Betrayed and made into a martyr for someone else's redemption?
Old men start wars for young dudes to die in
Madison Avenue telling you what you should be buying
Religion and science always profess peace
But in the end who created the deadly war machine?
Society is...