"War Is My Destiny" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"War Is My Destiny"
feat. Immortal Technique & Max Cavalera

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]
They killed my entire family
Murdered and tortured, raped and pillaged
I was only five and I was the only surviving witness
My entire village burnt to the ground
He wore a serpent in his crown
Happily committed murder with a frown
In an army of black-hooded fiery-skulled generals
And a sorcerer that could cast spells that'll change your genitals
Held me in slavery till I turned eighteen
Killed my slave master, five years later became king
And I slain dragons and ate steaks during famine
Had the seeds of war planted in a dirty tavern
Had the seeds of presidents killed in a burst of anger
And had their parents bleed to death on the floor of a dirty bathroom
I watched their palaces burn, I seen the ashes of my comrades
Returned to their family in an urn
While a proud child remembers his father that died
The cycle continues with vengeance alive in his mind

[Hook: Max Cavalera]
Refuse, resist, war is my destiny!
Disorder unleashed, war is my destiny!
Chaos, A.D., war is my destiny!
Under a pale grey sky, war is my destiny!

[Verse 2: Immortal Technique]
Yeah, yeah, I was an angel before a third of the stars fell
Cast with the sternum from Satan into the pit of hell
Our beloved leader forced to be a bottom-feeder
The great deceiver that promised victory over the monkey lovers
We took a vote to restructure and traitors fell upon him
We ripped his skin off and crowned a new son in the morning
A new president to lead our corporation
The vengeance on God and Heaven's domination
But I seduced the daughters of man and made the Nephilim
I demanded human sacrifice from the rest of them
I became the spirit that tortured and protected them
And I built them the tower of language that connected them
And then the Lord cried, water falling out from his eyes
And my children died drowning in the tears from the sky
And it was then that Satan crawled back to me with a plan
A design for the ultimate corruption of man
See back then we used to set the chosen ones on fire
You really think God only sent a single messiah?
And so we allowed the birth of many prophets on earth
And since the followers were human they were born with a curse
They began to claim superiority to their brothers
And for eighty-five thousand years conquered each other
And when they prayed before battle they were praying to me
Killing in God's name 'cause war is my destiny!

[Hook: Max Cavalera]
Refuse, resist, war is my destiny!
Desire unleashed, war is my destiny!
Chaos, A.D., war is my destiny!
Under a pale grey sky, war is my destiny!