"Holy Ghost" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Holy Ghost"
feat. Slaine

Ha ha ha, YEAH! (Yeah yeah yeah)
Check one two (Uhh yo Slaine man)
Holy smokes (Apathy)
Nah fuck these motherfuckers man

[Verse 1:Apathy]

I'm the captain of the ship like Scotty beam me up
Bullies hated me in school but they could never beat me up
Fighting Irish like I'm Notre Dame, no one even knows your name
Catastrophic as atomic bombs leaving no remains
I live life through the eyes of Kamikaze goggles
I'm Mike Tyson, you're Tyson the male model, real metro
I'm macho as moshpits in Moscow
With Mossbergs turning ice grills into soft serves
You better stay calm, display your palms say salam
Before I snuff your mom and make her suck my lucky charms
I'm psychopathic on the mic you'll never touch me ya'll
'Cause as a child I used to cuddle with a chucky doll
I swear to god these newer rappers better get a job
I keep 'em in Czech (Check) like losing passports in Prague
I got the Death Row flow, prepare the prisoner
Electrocute to execute the crew and scare the listener
Whip the stand I kicked in, I'm cool as an air conditioner
Beat 'em until they eyes are as crooked as Forest Whitaker
Ap is getting wickeder by the minute admit it I'll finish ya
Standing next to a monster ya'll are miniature


Just when you thought it was safe to make records [4x]


Holy Smokes! Motherfuckers I'm dope make ya catch the Holy Ghost! [4x]

Police and troops have sealed off the country area, haven't found the two men reported to have been running away after the explosion
They spotted several men running from the scene and fired at them...they missed

[Verse 2:Slaine]

Holy Smokes like Jesus blessed my Kools
Like I was in Catholic school getting arrested for tools
I make a, mess of these fools turn em to vegetables
Turn 'em, I'm determined to be as stupid as the rest of yous
Got bitches blowing me sucking my testicles
F the rules, fuck the game and your necklace jewels
Tuck your chain you in the club with the exxy chewed
There's a price on my head you don't wanna be next to me dude
Isn't it true, isn't it smart drinking brews, winter is dark
I enter the placenta with venom to chop
Unsentimental, I'm mental shooting enemies hot, from bullets
As soon as he goes there he went in a box, look at me
A crook and he's crookedly playing chess
You rookies are playin checkers at best
So you pawns that tried rooking me
You're playing the dirty dorito eating the ookie cookie
Lookie lookie, at these faggot ass pussies are all shook of me
I'm back up in this bitch to reclaim what was took from me
Came up in this game to be everything you couldn't be
Walk crookedly drunk, with a humongous toaster
I'm immediate like a meteorite that keeps coming closer




Our strategy is nuts, the effective use of guerilla warfare we will eventually suck the political wealth of the government