"The Crown Is Mine" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"The Crown Is Mine"

The crown is mine
Yeah, the crown is mine
Yo... Heavy Metal Kings
Check it

[Verse 1: ILL Bill]
I'm the numerical value of death
Nine double-M, shower lead and explosives
Powder keg that engulf and devour men
South of Heaven in the mouth of madness
Shouting at the casket, these idiots is drowning in the vastness
My science is accurate
While your favorite rappers be dying by accident
In the closet like David Carradine
Who the last man standing, who survive?
How can a man that stand on top of the water be crucified?
I never been the type to throw stones in glass houses
I'd rather throw lightning bolts and terrorize thousands
Make it happen when I lace the captain
Ran up in the Chase Manhattan
You can't see my face, I'm masking, now taste my ratchet
It's the Cult Leader, the Isa, Mohammed of terror
Every morning wake up and see God in the mirror
The truth-speaker, I'm the universal chronicle bearer
Like Charles Manson being interviewed by Geraldo Rivera

"The crown is mine-
The crown is mine-
The crown is mine-
The crown is mine"

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
This is Heavy Metal Kings, hardbody shit, sniffing white
I'm concerned with dying, y'all are concerned with living life
I'm in the Church of Anton while y'all are kissing Christ
You ain't fucking around with Billy or with Vincent Price
I have love for distance, I am the resistance
I am godly while y'all are just lacking some specifics
I study bullet trajectory, it's my love for physics
Chicken ain't got nothing to do with my love for biscuits
I am cancerous, everything that's around me dies
I am scandalous, everything that comes out me lies
I believe that you got weaponry but I doubt the size
You won't see me on anything, I'm poking out your eyes
A bunch of John Wayne Gacys, fucking clowns
Any of y'all that don't embrace me, knuckle down
I don't fuck with small pay, at least a couple pounds
I don't need twelve to trash y'all, give me a couple rounds

Yeah, hahaha... Braat...
Vinnie Appice! Braat...
Official Pistol Gang! O'Drama Vin Laden!
La Coka! Billy Idol... We mobbing on you motherfuckers!!
Heavy Metal Kings... Hahahahaha... Pazienza, ILL Bill