"Symphony Of War" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"Symphony Of War"
feat. Snowgoons

Heavy Metal Kings
I told Ozzy to bite the head off of that bat, I'm awesome at that
Cauldron of crack, my symphony's a waltz with a gat
Dance with the Grim Reaper, leading up with the street sweeper
Then fuck her with the broomstick until she bleeds ether
Feast on the heart of Goliath, heart of a lion
Part of a dying martyr brigade conquering tyrant
Gave birth to your death - I'm the father of violence
The Alpha, the Omega, the palm of Osiris, palm of Ramirez
My concert appearance is like a cross between Manson and Osama with lyrics
This is hardcore hip hop, homie
You just escaped from the Matrix if you're hearing this song
Let's celebrate this like the Vikings when they conquered York
The Gods of war, we never knock - we shot through the door, we entrepreneurs
Move this to the unusual type of freebase
Move swift like a nuclear device in a briefcase