"We Not Playing" lyrics - LA COKA NOSTRA

"We Not Playing"
feat. U.G. (Cella Dwellas)

[Hook: 2x]
It's Ill Bill and UG
Hollow points will fill your mug, we not playing
I'm just saying we real for real
In the booth we let it spill yeah we body it

[Verse 1: UG]
Hey yo cash rules everything around me nigga
A blast move everything around me with the
HK I spit bars and get nookie
Tell your bitch to chill, she might get snookied
Anderson Silva bars, chokehold
Either tap out or you'll black out
It's that easy, flow off the heezy
Heat leave your brain all over the floor where your feet be
UG be one of the best
Plus Ill Bill, that equals fuck the rest
Fuck the world, I'm fucking your girl
I'm fucked up off of the Yak
I jump in the booth and body the track

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
Pull out the shotty and clap, I'm like a suicidal jihadi attack
Try to react, pull yourself together, keep your body intact
Stuff your own intestines back in your body then shotgun you back
Yeah I chopped you in half, bouncing with a hundred thousand in cash
Top half of your body still talking mountains of trash
Point blank range, one for you the sound of the gats
A murder machine that's constantly evolving with class
This is Ill Bill homie, hardcore like Esham
Jump out the green van with a ratchet in each hand
Fuck you talking to? Talk to the pistol
Seeing visions of demons in a sorcerer's crystal
It's official homie, listen


[Verse 3: UG]
Mind like Einstein, grind like Russell
Gotti-like ties, won't cost to touch you
I'm much too nice, I destroy the booth
Paul Pierce flow homie here your boy's the truth
My rap flows like capsules with crack in it
You lack flows, you assholes are wack in it
Makes me sick, I spit bars well
Y'all DC comics my nigga I'm Marvel
My art sells, I'm ark shell, I crush niggas
You Carvel soft as shit, I flush niggas
With IDE on the track it's the classic
Anywhere anybody bet I smash it

[Verse 4: Ill Bill]
And never sleep, we insomniac
Always popping and rob a diamond or pizza guy in the lobby rap
Now puff a Phillie on the roof music
Glenwood Projects where I started my goon movement
Apartment 2C, ultramagnetic like Kool Keith
I new UG before you MCs dropped blue cheese
? legacy carved in the stone wall in granite
From playing Commodore 64 to touring the planet
Stairwell Farragut Road capture the flow
They closed South Shore High School ratchets explode
My firearms are not user-friendly
Ill Bill aka Shooter Jennings
You fuck around you'll meet a gruesome ending