"Die By Myself 3" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Die By Myself 3"
feat. K$upreme

[Intro: Lil Yachty, K$upreme. & Polo Boy Shawty]
Whew, hit 'em, whew, hit 'em
Hit 'em, Kpreme (hit 'em)
Lil boat (Lil boat), Kpreme
Polo Boy Shawty on the track, so I am killin' it
What (gang, gang), what (gang)
Hoo! Hoo! Lil boat! (gang, gang)

[Verse 1: K$upreme]
These bitches know what I came for
2 guns on me feeling like Django
3 chains on me but they don't hang low
I put your bitch in a figure 4
I put that brick in a figure 4
Big blood look a egg roll
Yeah, Big gun AR with the telescope
These niggas be telling on telephone
I fuck your bitch and I send her home (yeah)
Flex on these niggas I'm finna strong

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
Pull up on a block snatch a bitch til a nigga gone
Don't watch them talk crazy on telephone
These niggas pussy like [?]
Hang with more bloods than a stream of an IV
Magical monday no ID (ugh)
Millionaire shorty fuck IQ
She pop sick suckin' dick
Break em' down like a Twix
Stayin' out the mix, gettin' rich at the Ritz

[Verse 3: K$upreme]
Me and my niggas stay lit
Grab me a Sprite full of 6 (lean)
All of these bitches ain't shit (what)
I walk around with a stick
Came up from trapping off licks
Now I be shipping them bricks
Broke nigga can't hang with me (broke nigga)
Broke bitches can't lay with me
I be with the gang probably 10 deep

[Verse 4: Lil Yachty]
Stacks in the corner set, tall about 10 feet
Tats on my body on my arm like I'm Lil Peep
Cut the doors of the G-Waggon like an OG
Fuck a fake nigga, I can die by myself (still)
I only drive in sport cause' the faster the better
Penthouse shawty, yeah I sleep on God leather
Solid gold chains just to level my self-esteem
On this day came around, got my mother a diamond ring
Earrings that match, all of these bitches want dick that's a fact
Lil Boat Kpreme [?] like a hedge
Imma Outkast but got more than 3 stacks
[?] while k$upreme was rolling up [thrax?]
Check on inbox all the bitches I crack
Nigga that's on god