"Perplexing Pegasus (Freestyle)" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Perplexing Pegasus (Freestyle)"
feat. Jban$2turnt

Ear Drummers

New whip look like megatron
TV in the room like a jumbotron
My bitch hair long just like Chaka Khan
Young rich nigga, I'm a young Don

Beat that pussy like some congos
Nigga talking crazy send him combos
I pull up on the scene, that new whip, that shit blanco
I'm good in the hood just like Roscoes
A1 like Ronco

Jumped on a pegasus
Hopped in a section
Got yo bitch way too reckless
Spent too much on my necklace
And that dick got her acting like a exorcist

[Verse 3:JBan$]
Hop out the transformer