"Dinner's Ready" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Dinner's Ready"

Yup (yup), yup (yup)
Yup (yup, gang), yup (yup)
Yup (yup), yup (Lil Boat!)

Raise the truck off the ground, we the Geto Boys (skrt)
Disrespectful as fuck, fuck your loyal boy (fuck 'em)
Two middle fingers in the air like "come get some" (fuck 'em)
Chop with a beam on it, ready to go get some (what you want?)
I'm on the same thing (gang), fuck the chain gang (gang)
Big diamonds on my finger like a wedding ring (bling)
I'm a pussy beater (yeah), not a pussy eater (nah)
You a pussy nigga, no I can't get money with 'ya (nah)
Stupid bitch you been ugly since your baby pictures (for real)
Talkin' shit you get hit quicker, I'm Derek Jeter (gang)
Gang too precise you get hit quick from 30 feet (gang)
Bro was talking crazy so my big homie took his sneaks (gang)
Miles on the beat so you know the motherfucker beat
Keep it in the sheets 'case a nigga try me in my sleep (fa-psh)
Got a g-wagon (skrr), not a wrangler (skrr)
That's your main bitch (hah), but we ganged her (gang, gang)
Talkin' real disrespectful when we bang her (bah! bah!)
No feelings when I fuck, keep it player (for real)
Campaign strong like I'm running for the mayor (skrt)
No cape, I don't know, I can't save her (nah)
Lame ass hoe, you should be on Love & Hip Hop (psh)
Hoe think she poppin' 'cause she got on Gucci flip flops (Gucci)
Pull up to the scene in a droptop stop ways (skrt)
We missed you on purpose, bet you still felt the Glock glaze (pew)
Shoutsout to [?] (yeah), hit you where it's heavy (yeah)
Have you screamin' for your gang like the dinner's ready, Lil Boat!