"Get Low" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Get Low"

And I'm too high up to ever miss her
She a stupid little bitch, she think I'ma kiss her (Ayy)
Young rich nigga, I don't drink no liquor
And I ball real hard like a 76er
And my middle finger up 'cause I don't fuck with niggas
And my black bitch look like a rolled cigar (Uh!)
Stomp him in his eye like the light from Pixar (Hoo!)
Some praise God, some praise at the Buddah
I disturb the peace like my nickname was Luda (Ha!)
All my bitches older, all my bitches be cougars
Chopper by my side while I pop at the sicko
Model girls are pretty but I rather a thick ho
Dick got her aching, and she gon' think that she sick, woah
Always keep it loaded in case a nigga tell me get low (uh!)

Get low, hell nah I can't get low (Woah!)
Get low, hell nah I can't get low (Woah!)
Hell nah, hell nah, I can't get low (no!)
Woah (Woah!)