"Jonny B. Badde" lyrics - MUNGO JERRY

"Jonny B. Badde"

Johnny plays the guitar sittin' on the wall, yeah!
All the people all come come 'round, yeah!
All the girls, all of the fellers,
Love to hear him playin' 'cause they dig that sound, All right!

Ev 'ry body knows that John's a good looker,
He can get the girls, any one he wants, yeah!
See them stare when he is a-playin,
Dancin' and singin' they can't get enough, All right!

He plays in the sunlight, plays in the moonlight,
All night, all day, he never stops,
Come on, everybody, everyone of yer,
Clap your hands, jump and shout, lets have some fun, All right!