"Movin' On" lyrics - MUNGO JERRY

"Movin' On"

Got up this morning, I got an aching head
Been sleepin' on the floor 'cause there's people in my bed
I've been sleepin', sleepin' on the floor, it's so sad
Think I'll pack up my belongings and get myself another new pad.

The sun is getting hot, burning on my back
Wonder what I'm doing still searching for a flat
I should be swimming, swimming in the deep blue sea
Getting plenty of fresh air instead of working in a factory.

Well, I took my guitar and some bread and some clothes
And I started off down the road
I kept walking all day until the sun went down..

Went down, yeah, deep down, melting and sinking into the ground
The watery sky, the tears in its eyes as it sank through the clouds and began to die.

I got down to the coast before the morning tide
I done one hundred miles and it only took three rides
I'm so happy just a sitting here by the sea
The only thing I'm missing is some female company.

Rolling in the sand, having lots of fun
Watching all the ladies just lazing in the sun
Well, I got one and she had two good friends as well
I'm gonna buy a bottle of gin and get them as drunk as hell.

Well, sitting on the beach drinking 'round by the fire
I played the guitar and sang a tune
Everybody's happy just a dancing around..

Dancing around, fooling around, the blood in their veins beginning to pound
Pounding away, the night into day, the morning appears warming the ground.

Well, he's sleeping on the beach and the fuzz come along
They said: 'You move, you gotta move on'
'You can't stay here just drinking that beer'
'You gotta move, you gotta move on'
'Come on everybody, stop a hanging around'
'You gotta move, you gotta move on'
'We'll give you ten minutes and you better be gone'
'You gotta move, you gotta move on'
'Come on, everybody, we'll follow the sun'
'You gotta move, you gotta move on'
'Dum di da..'
'We gotta move, we gotta move on'
'Dum di da..'
'We gotta move, we gotta move on'
'We gotta move, move, we gotta move on'
'Da da di da...'