"Sad Eyed Joe" lyrics - MUNGO JERRY

"Sad Eyed Joe"

Let me tell you about a story, about a man named Joe
His family they was hungry, so he said I'm gonna go
Go up in the mountains, start looking for some gold
So he started out one morning, the wind was getting cold
The air was nearly freezing, it was ten degrees below

Sad eyed Joe, why did you go,
Your family's gonna miss you, they want you back at home
Think about the winter, think about the snow
Think about the things that you're gonna leave behind
When your looking for the gold dust that you're never gonna find

He wakes up every morning, after only five hours sleep
Chewing on a tasteless piece of gristly worn out meat
His coffee runout weeks ago he won't admit defeat
Panning on the water searching with his hands
Looking for the yellow dust but all he find is sand


They searched fro him every day for one whole solid week
They found him lying frozen at the bottom of the creek
A bag of yellow gold dust between his icy feet
His collar it was turned up frozen to his jaw
Sad eyed Joe looked sadder than he ever looked before