"Peace In The Country" lyrics - MUNGO JERRY

"Peace In The Country"

There's peace in the country when the sun goes down
The corn is getting on high
The war is over an there's peace all around
I'm gonna stay 'till I die, yeah
I'm gonna stay 'till I die
The war was bad but it didn't last long
Millions are dead and gone
Nuclair warheads flying all around
Then somebody dropped the bomb, yeah
Then somebody dropped the bomb
There was blood in the mountain, blood in the see
Blood everywhere I trod
Women we're dying, children too
Everybody lost, yeah, everybody lost
Now the sun's getting lower, and the shadows are cast

I can see the corn getting high
No fish in the ocean, no birds in the air
Just dust 'cause someone dropped the bomb, yeah
Dust 'cause someone dropped the bomb

Damn the politicians dictators and all whoever got us into this mess
I'm the only one left with all my senses and limbs
Dunno what's happened to the rest, no
Dunno what's happened to the rest.