"Bold Face Pagan Stomp" lyrics - OVERKILL

"Bold Face Pagan Stomp"

It's a hit, hit
Can ya take a hit?
On your belly up, suffer me this
Like a shot down, knock down
On your back down
Take a hit?
Suffer me this

Ya get up, down
Can ya walk, talk, hit, hit?
Suffer me this
Can I ease your pain, pain
Ease the change, I'm the same hit
Suffer, suffer me this

Yeah! Hit, hit, hit
Suffer me this

Watcha do when ya thinkin' of you?
With ya brain wrapped up
Down deep in ya rubber head
Ya open wide with the mob on ya side and everybody stompin'
Everybody gonna see the red
Put on ya bold face
Put on ya cold place

Harder they come, go
Harder they fall
Down! Down! Hard!

Size eleven waffles 'bout the neck and head, honey
Welcome to the garbage dump
Gimme what ya live for, gimme all your money
Bold face pagan stomp
Bold face pagan stomp

Come a kick, kick in the dick, kick
Gonna make ya sick, kick, suffer you that
Come the blood spills, get ya kick thrills
On a will kill
Suffer you pain

In a pack whack, got a two on one track
On a hit 'n' run smack, suffer you that
Not though be the romp or the kick, kick, whap, stomp
Stomp, stomp, stomp
Suffer you that

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Hit! Kick! Stomp!
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Hit! Hit!
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Hit! Kick! Hit!
Suffer, suffer you that

Harder they come, go!
Harder they fall, go!
Down! Down! Hard!

Hit! Hit! Hit hit!
Knows his religion and he knows it well
The doctrine that he follows send him straight to hell
He's side stompin' judgement, step ahead of the last
Edict from the judges stating "This too shall pass."