"The Cleansing" lyrics - OVERKILL

"The Cleansing"

Cool motherfucker in a deep blue sea
I said, "I lose my mind"
Cool motherfucker in through what I see
I said that I don't mind

He said, "Walk on through, we been waitin' for you
There's a place set at the table
Welcome, home is where the heart is
And since ya been gone, my heart's been broke in two"

Your return among the strangest see
Your life's gone through some changes
Don't recognise you
Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't recognise

Down home to the cool cool water
Down home to the cleansing water

Cool motherfucker said, "I know your name
But do ya know your god?"
Cool motherfucker said, "I had your pain
Ya, then I blew my wad"

My god made love and my god made pain
I feel at home among the insane
I see sunshine in the pourin' rain
Welcome home, oh yes, I recognise you

See, ya been rearranged to suit
And you know we'll never change
What they put ya through
What they put, what they put, what they put ya...

Move it to the right now

Jesus, cleanse me, can you hear him?
Jesus, cleanse me now