"The Mourning After / Private Bleeding" lyrics - OVERKILL

"The Mourning After / Private Bleeding"

What you say... hey
Comin' into somethin' that leave you empty, something so strong
What you play... hey
Comin' outta nothing that leave you bleedin', bleedin' so long
Can you feel my hand on your shoulder?
Can you feel yourself growin' colder?
Something' outta nothing, a private bleeding, bleeding gone wrong

Where you gone, man?
Everything or nothing, the price to find out where you belong
Did you feel your light growing dimmer?
Did you feel your soul growing thinner?
Something outta nothing, a private bleeding
Bleeding gone wrong
Something outta nothing

I scream, through one-sided conversation
As simplicity descends to dash the complicataion
I explode with self-inflicted wounds
I explode, a self-inflicted fool
And now

I bleed through the mourning after
I bleed so you will believe

I bleed

Bleed through the mourning after
You know I'd take you with me if I could
If I could