"Burn You Down / To Ashes" lyrics - OVERKILL

"Burn You Down / To Ashes"

With time runing down
You make amends to the ones you have tried to destroy
So profound
To make amends to the ones who have tried to destroy you

As confusion mounts
As you fall in rank
The heart and mind, throbbing
Both go blank
If you're not afraid
Then why do you jump at the sound of my voice?
If you're not afraid

With time running down
You've done all that you could to be close to your God
Life unfound
You've done all that you should to be far from your God's hands

It blows like ash in the wind
I throw no stone for I've sinned
If you're not afraid
Why do you question the good of your choice?
If you're not afraid
If you're not afraid

Listen to for what you paid, but the speaker is a liar
Working hard for what you made, your values are on fire
Burning you down

Scramble for what's good and right, testament to the manic
The innocent flash before his eyes, the man begins his panic
Burning him down

What you are and what you've done is what you had to be
What you are and what you've done gets the better of me
Burning you down
Burning you