"If I Could See Your Face Again" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"If I Could See Your Face Again"
feat. Eleanor Whitmore

Well, I lived here all my life
Don't know why I'm still surprised
That the sunset comes so early to this valley
And if I'm not on my toes
The twilight comes and goes
And I'm all alone with darkness all around me

If I could see your face again
Black with coal until your grin
Cuts like sunshine through the shadow of the mountain
I'd drop everything and run
Like I know I shoulda done
Every time you come home to me in the evenin'

[Bridge 1:]
Tonight's just like the night before
Ain't nobody walking through that door

If I could touch you one more time
Just to hold your hand in mine
I'd never let it go again I promise
Maybe we could find a town
Dreams aren't buried underground
And not so many ghosts around to haunt us

[Bridge 2:]
And every breath is not a prayer
Until I turn around and find you there

If I could see your face again
And I knew what I know then
I wouldn't make you work so hard to win me
I'd surrender to your arms
Wrapped around me safe and warm
'Cause I knew you were the one from the beginning

And I'd give almost anything
If I could only see your face again