"The Mine" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"The Mine"

Well I woke up with an achin' way on down in my bones
Wasn't nothin' else I could do
Took your wedding ring to West Virginia Jewelry & Loan
Pawned it for a cure for the blues
But hey babe, I saved you some
It's okay babe, 'cause it won't be long

There'll come a Sunday morning, the phone is gonna ring
Be my brother down at the mine
He's gonna tell me come a'runnin' 'cause he had to pull some strings
Promise not to blow it this time
And hey babe, it's gonna be alright
Someday babe, if you hold on tight
Gonna get myself together when my brother gets me on at the mine

Well my brother drives a brand new Ram truck with a hemi
And satellite radio too
Well I reckon that's the first thing I'm a' gonna get me
And a baby blue Camaro for you
And hey babe, we'll ride in style
That day babe, down the Main Street mile
It's gonna get better when brother gets me on at the mine

[Instrumental Verse]

And if I was gonna travel anywhere but West Virginia
Then I reckon I'd a' done it by now
As you live here all your life, you can get the mountains in you
Ain't no way you're gettin' them out
But hey babe, I know it's hard
These days babe, and you're sick and tired
But it can only get better and know it's just a matter of time
Till I get myself together when my brother gets me on at the mine