"Time Is Never On Our Side" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"Time Is Never On Our Side"

The morning that the world began
God reached out and closed his hand
And when it opened up again
A moment vanished in the wind

Since that day it's never stopped
No matter how you wind the clock
And untold billions lived and died
Time was never on their side

Seasons come, seasons go
Sunrise, sunset, rain and snow
Every time the world turns 'round
A brand new shiny day is found

We pray to whom we fear the most
The Father, Son, the Holy Ghost
Take whatever fate provides
And time is never on our side

[Instrumental Verse]

Sometimes an hour hurdles by
Sometimes an instant never dies
Some days crawl and others fly
Hey, and ours is not to reason why

And woe to them that hesitate
I hear good things come to those that wait
Who ever told you that one lied
And time is never on our side

Time is never on our side