"Living The Dream" lyrics - STURGILL SIMPSON

"Living The Dream"

Time and time again Lord I keep going through the motions
A means to an end but the ends don't seem to meet
Walking around living the dream anytime I take the notion
Til the truth comes bubbling up so bittersweet

Ain't no point getting outta bed if you ain't living the dream
It's like making a big old pot of coffee when you ain't got no cream
I don't need to change my strings
'Cause the dirt don't hurt the way I sing
I don't have to do a Goddamn thing except sit around and wait to die

Been waiting on an angel waitress to come and take my order
Tell me all about the special today
Staring at a puddle of mud in my spoon couldn't be much boarder
Hoping them circles on the paper don't call back telling me to start today

That old man upstairs, he wears a crooked smile
Staring down at the chaos he created
Said son if you ain't having fun just wait a little while
Momma's gonna wash it all away
And she thinks Mercy's overrated