"Pan Bowl" lyrics - STURGILL SIMPSON

"Pan Bowl"

I'd give anything to go back
Days I was young
All the way back to Pan Bowl
I sit down on the lakebed
Stare at the sun
Then I'd walk out in the water
Let it cleanse my soul
Spend my days up on Quicksand
There I would play
Wild as a rattlesnake
Right from the start
I'd push August in
Swing all day
Well she was the first girl that ever broke my heart

Miss the days when this old life
Free from all the pain and strife
And all the sorrow it has brung
I'd give anything to go
All the way back to Panbowl
All the way back to days when I was young

Spend my summers hearing stories
Bout the one that got away
On a dock down at Watt's Bar
Every 4th of July
Uncle Everett was the coolest
Never had a word to say
When he died was the only time
I ever seen papaw cry
Every Sunday we'd go visit
My great-grandma Mary Ann
Lord I cry just thinking
About how good she was to me
My great-grandad Eli
Was a coal-mining man
Not a tooth in his head
But his eyes held the sea


I'd climb up on high-tops
Stare as far as I could see
At the one and only home
My heart has ever known