"Every One Of You" lyrics - TRACE ADKINS

"Every One Of You"
(Steve Bogard / Kyle Jacobs / Billy Montana / Phil O'Donnell)

You're Sleeping Beauty when I wake you with a kiss
And you're Scarlet O'Hara when your hands are on your hips
You're Marilyn Monroe when the wind blows your dress
And you're I Love Lucy when your hair is all a mess
You're Thelma and Louise when you're behind the wheel
You're a Paris runway model when you're walking in high heels
And when I feel like Romeo, you're my Juliet
Even if there's some of you I haven't met yet

I love every one of you
The good, the bad, the funny
The stormy, the sad and sunny
I love every one of you

You're like an angel singing in this Sunday morning choir
And you're a midnight dream, cotton sheets on fire
You're my doctor, you're my teacher
You're the answers to my prayer
You're a lover, you're a fighter
You're my best friend, I swear girl


I love every one of you
The moody, the sane, the crazy
Can't get enough of you baby
Every one of you [2x]
I love every one of you