"Right Now" lyrics - TRACE ADKINS

"Right Now"
(Kenny Beard / Aly Cutter / Matt Nolan)

It might be a tank of gas away
Or just a little place across town
Somewhere we're supposed to be
Somewhere that we don't know about
Yeah, we talk and talk too much about someday
Let's not let tomorrow just waste away

Baby there ain't nothing here to figure out
Don't you know the world is ours right now

We could race the sun down to the coast
Watch it disappear into the night
Or pick the biggest closest town
Get a room and get lost in those city lights
Let's go, let's run, let's breathe some different air
I don't care where we're going baby, let's just get there


The world is ours right now, right now baby
Right now,that sun is setting
Right now, there's a new love growing
Right now, are you feeling what I'm feeling right now


Yeah baby, the world is ours right now
I feel it now, do you feel it now?
The whole world is ours right now