"The Altar Of Your Love" lyrics - TRACE ADKINS

"The Altar Of Your Love"
(Trace Adkins / Kenny Beard / Monty Criswell)

Everybody needs somewhere to run
Somewhere to rest when the day is done
When the world's been heavy
Baby you're my sacred place
You whisper words of saving grace
The kiss that heals my soul
The touch that makes me whole

Lay your hands on me
Break these chains and set me free
I was lost but now I've found
A place to lay my burdens down
At the altar of your love [2x]

Everybody needs somebody to trust
With the broken pieces
Somebody who believes in you enough
To help you fight your demons
Another day has done me in
So wrap me up in your arms again
Baby bring me back to life
Heaven knows I need you tonight to


Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray for you my heart to keep


Here I am down on my knees
At the altar of your love