"If The Sun Comes Up" lyrics - TRACE ADKINS

"If The Sun Comes Up"
(Ray Scott / George Teren)

If the sun comes up
Without me tomorrow
If I leave this world tonight
Would you really know
How much I care about you
Or the way you've changed my life
I know there would be tears
And hope you'd get past it
And when you think of me
You'll think of me laughing

Go on living
Don't stop loving
Please find something you can put your heart into
And if the sun comes up, without me tomorrow
You'll be fine
Just let it shine
On you

If the sun comes up
And I'm not there to hold you
Don't you let it cloud your faith
Never lose your smile
And hold on to your passion
Make the world a better place
I know you won't forget, the life we had together
And more than anything
I hope you'll remember


I believe you'll watch the sunrise
With me for years to come
But if it turns out this morning's our last one


Just let it shine on you
Let it shine [3x]
Shine, on you